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I will not try to sell you on applying for this.

Instead, I will simply tell you what it's about, who it is for ...and who it's NOT for...because I  want to give you the chance to participate in something that is far more valuable than what you have ever laid your hands on before...promoting a VERY H*O*T product Tested, Tried and PROVEN would make money for You as our Affiliate for and for F-R-E-E!


But but before we go into details about the F-R-E-E special training:



Here is Just A Sample of YOUR Affiliate

Incomes Potential

...of Selling THE HOT Product called

Onome Maureen's Happy Birthday" Offer




May Income for Sales of ONE HOT Product above #1



May Income for Sales of ONE HOT Product above #2


Total Incomes in May 2011 Was Over N1 Million Naira


May Income for Sales of ONE HOT Product above #4

I have up to 9 screenshots of our online GTBank account for sales of this HOT product but I want you to pay special attention to the last picture above!


If you have ever purchased any product from us, then you know we use a special email address to deliver the products called trillionetdeliveries!


Now look at the red box above showing that we delivered 92 products of my Birthday Offer to 92 different Nigerians who bought this HOT product at N4,000 each. Bring out your calculator and calculate with me:


92  X N4,000 = N368,000 in less than 3 weeks


This Birthday Offer Product is HOT Cake. See the sample sales page that sold 92 copies of ONE product here



What This N368,000 Means For You Today

If You Can Give Away Free eBooks, Free marketing emails,

Mini-Courses, Free Articles, Then You Can Receive

Affiliate Commissions Each Week In Total Excess of N200,000



You are going to be an Affiliate of this HOT product and take a whole 50% or half of N4,000 using your special customized website for THIS Birthday Offer!

You would get THE SAME Website that Sold This Product and we would also give you an Advanced F-R-E-E training on how to make a 50% commission of over N200,000 as our Affiliate!

But before we go into details of this. let me quickly explain who an affiliate is!

An Affiliate is someone who acts as a "middle" man on the internet. All you have to do is make the introduction. Connect your friends, people you know to your customized Affiliate website for This HOT product and YOU Get Paid.


Here's What This Is About

Back in May 2011, it was my birthday and I bundled my BEST money-making products on the internet into a Special Birthday Pack and gave them away at a small sum of N4,000. You may have heard about it back then.

The point is >>> It brought in OVER N350,000 in Less than 3 weeks from ONE sales letter.

I've since been thinking since my trip to India what else I could do to further help you make MORE Money than you already I thought of giving You The SAME Website where I sold a HOT product of over N350,000 in less than 3 weeks and make this website CUSTOMIZED just for you AND...This is BETTER...

..And give you a F-REE Training on How to Take a Make a Whole 50% Commission on the HOT product!. There are soooo many people who will rush for this product from YOUR customized website!..from Youth Corpers who just passed Out Bankers who want to leave their House the the EVERYONE Who Wants To Make Make MORE Money!



Here's a Small Sample of Your Affiliate Incomes


So I’m going to teach you how to make unending N2,000 Affiliate Commissions for a product you did NOT create and will NOT deliver!

The product sells at N4,000 but you take 50% commission of N2,000 paid into your fastecash account when people pay through your customized Affiliate Website for the product!.



So Here's a Small Sampling of Your Affiliate Incomes

5 sales through your Customized Affiliate Website YOU make N10,000
10 sales through your Customized Affiliate Website YOU make N20,000
15 sales through your Customized Affiliate Website YOU make N30,000
20 sales through your Customized Affiliate Website YOU make N40,000
50 sales through your Customized Affiliate Website YOU make N100,000



In order to do this, I KNOW I said you can become an Affiliate though your free generated affiliate link...but I changed my mind due to an annoying email I received yesterday so I decided to separate the people who want to have this F-R-E-E Affiliate Training worth N50,000 to learn these stuffs from the gazillion number of people that I have in my list.


So, if this appeals to you, I want you to know the benefits you will be reaping as a part of the 30-Member Special Affiliates I would be raising for my F-R-E-E Training!


Here are the benefits that being a part of my

30-Member Special Affiliates will deliver into your hands:


  • Creation of the HOT Product - It took us 3 years to create the HOT Birthday Offer Product but now, you do NOT need to pay for the creation of the product. It's part of the package of getting your customized Affiliate Website.
  • Delivery of the HOT Product – I have made this so EASY for you to be a part of! We would deliver the product for FREE. All you need to do is to get people to visit your customized Website and when they pay, we will deliver it to them on your behalf- Best part of this is that, We will Show You how to get people to your website in the FREE training!
  • Money - Sucking Emails: You will be getting MY specially Done-For-You FREE 12 Affiliate marketing Emails to send out to your friends, everyone you know and every one on your list  - 3 marketing Emails every week for ONE month.

  • Facebook Marketing Updates: You will be getting MY specially Done-For-You FREE 10 Facebook Marketing updates that will drive hundreds of people to your Customized Website hungry to buy the HOT product on it - This is worth N10,000 but you get it for FREE when you get your customized website!
  • A Killer Marketing Secret: This Secret Alone netted me 30 Buyers for my Birthday Offer...You will be getting the EXACT template I used for this Killer Sales Secret - Best of all, its for FREE
  • You will be getting a FREE SPECIAL report that has to do with showing you how to install your blog website at zero cost - where you would post the 10 FREE marketing Affiliate Articles I would send you. THIS report alone has brought over N200,000 for people who have it!
  • FREE Graphics Design - You will be getting the sole privilege of having our Graphics design team create one FREE Graphic advert for you - Just in case you want to place your adverts in the National Dailies like Guardian Newspaper, Punch etc and other Online adverts.
  • Forum marketing posts – I receive a lot of messages from people asking me about different advice about marketing and internet business and I usually spend my time and money to reply them but starting from July 1, I will stop doing that. This privilege will ONLY be for members of this group.

  • And Much More – This is going to be a surprise! THIS is going to WOW Your Affiliate Income

2 Powerful BONUSES For People Who Get Their

Customized Affiliate Website Before
Friday July 22, 2011

If you decide to be get your customized affiliate website, you will receive the powerful bonuses below:

1. A Killer Marketing report #1 by A Mystery Man Who Sold $700 Million from ONE Hot Product Online – This report was written by a man I'd like to call Mr. X. He shares a very powerful marketing lesson that if you learn it and use it, it can reduce all your stress and struggles and help you to start getting more marketing results in your business.

Imagine if you can sell only 200 copies of Your HOT product as out Affiliate, That would be N400,000 just for You!


2. 20% Special Discount Off my LATEST Product - How to be a Superman Affiliate aka The ONLY Advanced Affiliate 30 Days Course You Would Ever Need when its released.


And the best part is that getting Your Customized

Website For This HOT Affiliate Product WON'T
cost you a fortune.


Sincerely, nobody in this industry in Nigeria is doing what I'm doing for you for FREE. Even when we started the Affiliate Beginners training, I did it at zero cost for you and many people made money as affiliates.

I could look at the benefits of this customized Training you are getting for FREE and decide to charge a fee which will be high, but that is NOT the purpose.

As a result, all you are investing to get your customized affiliate website complete with a special payment email that you and I would have access to for THREE whole months is ONLY N7,500.

There is no price increase threat here because all I need is just 30 people and this expires as soon as it is July 22, 2011 anyway.

So, as soon as I get these 30 people or it is July 22, the registration CLOSES. So, the advice is that you should go and get a slot right away before your chance to be a part is lost.


How To Get Your Customized Website


The kind of customized website you are getting is like the one here and to get it:


Step 1: Pay N7,500 into any of the following bank accounts below:


Bank: First Bank

Account Name: Trillionet Resources

Account Number: 201 675 0487




Bank: GTBank
Account Name:
Trillionet Resources

Account Number: 001 141 4820



Step 2: After payments, do just one simple thing:


#1. Send an EMAIL payment notice with the SUBJECT of your email saying: Paid for Birthday Affiliate Website


The BODY of the Email should contain the following: Amount Paid+ Depositor's Name + Your Full Names + Email + GSM +Bank Name You Paid To + Date you paid+ Your Birthday for surprise gift + Teller Number to me at



(Don't worry, once you pay and send this notification, your payments will be confirmed IMMEDIATELY and your customized website will be delivered to you in 5 days.




P.S. And for your information, starting from July 22, 2011 (The date This Offer CLOSES to get your customized website at N7,500), you would start getting the FREE Marketing Affiliate training. Only the people who are among my 30 special affiliate team will receive the latest information on How to make N200,000+ as an Affiliate from me.

P.S.S. So, if none of this appeals to you, you are free to not get this training at zero cost to you. On the other way round, if this is for you, don’t wait till when all the 30 slots have been filled. Join today!

I hope you will do the right thing.

P.S.S.S. – If you ever wanted a guide who will hold you by the hand as you commence any online business venture, then THIS is for You because I'm going to be revealing REAL cash sucking strategies in my FREE customized affiliate training. Think about all you have to gain by getting your customized affiliate website today. Do it NOW!


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