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Onome Maureen

Award-winning Information Marketing Business Coach and The Queen of Step-by-Step Information Marketing Business



What some National Dailies have to say about me #1


Undeniable Proofs



Undeniable Proofs from others just like You


Case Study #52

Name: Praise George

Result: He created multiple streams of income empire from his vast experience and passion for counsel on relationships and business development.

Case Study #94

Name: Efe Imiren

Result: She was rejected twice from the Embassy but won over them, now this soon became her hobby where she makes hundreds of thousands of Naira simply by turning this experience into a Flourishing Info-Products Empire



Re: To Anyone who's living the Not-Enough-Money life but who has a hobby, an idea or experience and wants a way out fast!


From: Onome Maureen




Dear financially stressed out friend, 


I want you to listen to me without any form of bias. Just give me the next 10 minutes to talk and at the end of 10 minutes if you think I'm talking outright nonsense just close this page right way.


Is it possible to convert anything you know...your hobby, knowledge, experience or passion into an unending income streams of CASH-FLOW without a shadow of doubt by following seven simple steps?


In one word: Yes!


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If you’re the kind of person who loves to discover easy, simple and super-fast shortcuts to earning consistent income…then this will be the most profitable and exciting letter you’ve ever read...


Because you’re just a tiny step away from being one of the precious few allowed to learn the secrets of the laziest, highest-producing and simplest...

money-making system on the planet. A system which I call...



Whenever I think of just breaks my heart!...I see it every where I turn, I hear it from many, many people almost all the's in the newspapers EVERY single day.


I'm NEVER negative. But I am a realist. And... if you ask me, in my opinion there's no doubt...

...THIS recession could continue for a very long time.

Anyway... most people are very broke during best living from hand to mouth. A lot of businesses go under completely sacking people right and left...Forced retirements everywhere.


Yes... that IS a lot of doom and gloom but only for "people who don't know how to convert what they know into money on demand". Does any of these apply to you?


You awake with a startle. You're in a cold sweat. You thought you were going die when you hit the bottom, didn't you?

Have you ever experienced the sensation of falling? Not just falling, but falling fast and hard. If so, it's a terrifying feeling, isn't it?

Today many people are experiencing this feeling, but it's all too real. You might even be feeling it now.

  • You just lost your job.

  • Your business is failing. Your marriage is on the outs. Your kids are driving you nuts.

  • How can you get quick cash so you can make it out of this alive?

  • You need money quickly. School fees bills, my house rent, you're owing so many people...huge bills are due at the end of the month

  • 21 interviews in three months, still yet NO job

  • Your mother is very sick. She'll be thrown out of the hospital in 2hours if no money for the piled up bills

  • You no longer eat three square meals

  • You aged parents, wife and kids are dependent on me

  • You have a business idea but NO capital to start

  • Your friend whom you're squatting me has just warned you not to return to his house again cos of the borrowed money you're owing him

  • What business can you start?

  • You're unemployed and I live with my parents at 34 years

  • You can't sleep at night...thoughts of fear of poverty attack you all night

  • You tried this profits...too hard

  • Just watching the nine o'clock news could have you stressing over all your money problems.

You are not alone. Between the economy and the sheer speed of life these days, it is estimated 8 out of 10 people are experiencing serious financial setbacks in their lives. But it doesn't have to be that way for you!


Let me guess - you’re probably here because you're looking for a REAL and genuine way to make money without going through endless circles?

You're also here because you had probably tried various programs before and they didn’t work, although all you wanted were RESULTS. Guess what?


If you can relate with any of the points above I think you have had ENOUGH of that! Then just relax and read this letter to the very end because Your SOLUTION has finally arrived for...


There is a way to take advantage of the recession... make money NOW and get filthily rich in the LONG RUN.

And here's how: make use of the smartest, safest and most reliable investment you have. And that's..

Your Hobby...or Your Expertise...or Your Experience...or Your Passion



Do you have a hobby or something you enjoy doing? Doesn't it sound heavenly to actually make money...just by spending more time doing the things you love than at the office or roaming the streets for a job?

It's a dream we all have at one time or another, but it's often just that, a dream.

Well my friends, I'm here to tell you that YOU can make money out of your hobbies, passions or expertise!...Think for a minute about your hobbies. You have hobbies because you enjoy them and ultimately you know a thing or two about them.

You most likely have gained personal experience, expertise or knowledge that
probably millions of people would love to hear about. So why not put that knowledge to work for YOU?


There are tens of thousands of people just like you who are passionate about the same hobbies you love, passionate about the same things you are passionate about....who are desperately hungry to read about your experiences, ideas and expertise...


And best of all - they'll be happy to pay you good money for it.


Well it's not just a dream - it's VERY possible and ACHIEVABLE.


All that is necessary is that you know a thing or two on at least two to three topics and you've got a goldmine between your ears simply by turning it into an information product.



I know you've heard that before and much more. So before we go on, let me prove that statement to you. We're both adults here and I don't expect you take what I say at face value.


Three years ago...I was in your shoes...I had just one hobby, NO idea and little/NO experience PLUS little or NO money of my own but today I'm no longer that person...which is why I want to make you this UNBELIEVABLE OFFER



A few months into my service year in 2007 I began to look for other means to make money as an NYSC youth corper since my ‘Alawi’ was very small compared to the high cost of the basic necessities of I tried doing some things...which didn't work…

Then I heard of Wonder banks where you put N10K and you get N500,000. I put my money made just 1% of what I put and before you know it ‘plenty stories’. No Money again!

But to cut the long story short, I began to hear of forex trading and it soon became a serious hobby for me for more than one and half years. Everywhere I went you’d see a forex CD or spiral bound manual with me and people around me began to take notice.

My friends even strangers wanted the materials and some even said they were ready to buy it from me and I said Ok. I made LOTS of Money from that Single HOBBY in 6 Figures!


This was how my journey of Converting my Hobbies/Passions into consistent incomes started…I've turned several of my Passions to much so that I’ve NEVER worked for anyone in a job after NYSC...

...I have even been featured in several national daily newspapers and magazines both online and offline magazines because of this and...

...have trained several people who are converting their experiences, hobbies, knowledge into an income. YOU too can do the same!


What some National Dailies have to say about me #2




Enough of my credentials. It's not important. What's important is...

I know exactly how to make money offline & online, and I want to help YOU succeed!


Read on because you’re about to learn...




This is 100% genuine - it's how myself and thousands others make our money legally month after month from our hobbies and passions!


Case Study #52

Name: Zeal Azu

Result: This man has been making quick cash from his vast knowledge in the Chemical Industry not just by producing chemicals alone but by turning his expertise into multiple info-products!



Case Study #94


Janet Anwo

Result: She regularly makes money from her hobby of Turkey and Snail Farming simply by turning into Passive Incomes!


She is now the go-to expert here simply from her hobby and knowledge



Case Study #52

Name: Violet Aikhoje

Result: This lady left her job for her hobby of Cake-making! She not only makes 'huge' money from her cake making business but has turned it into a Money-making machine where she sometimes earns N50,000 per ONE Info-product!

Case Study #94

Name: Pst. Jacob Agitan

Result: AKA Mr Laptop Repair. Personally, this man has made millions from his knowledge! He even completed his own house simply by learning a skill and turning it into an Info-product empire!


Lagos, Nigeria



I actually wrote this letter because I'm truly tired of well-meaning people failing to make money simply because of lack of huge capital or ideas when several others are already using what they have to make stupendous cash, even when it's so simple...



I want to be able to help change that and want to make YOU successful if you permit me.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist or a professor to make a full-time income from your hobby or passion or expertise...

Heck, you don't even need to know everything!

All it takes is one thing on your part...ACTION!...That's it...If you can do this one simple thing, you'll be making money from anything you know...GUARANTEED!



I MEAN it. So I'm going to do something I've NEVER ever done before and hope to never do again with my 2 SHAMELESS BRIBE for you.


Click here to have a quick look at them.


Many people say that the month of December is when people don't spend money but that's not true IF you know how to convert your hobby, passion or expertise into an info-product.

I'll show you exactly what to do, how to do it, so that you can get real results like this!



I know, I know, that's not a million Naira. But it's REALISTIC income you can earn every single day, every single month - and that's what's really important.

I could show you tons of income screenshots but I won't because of space.


Case Study #52

Name: Chinedu David

Result: This man's passion for years has been everything about GSM. He makes outrageous tons of cash from his passion with proofs!

Case Study #94

Name: James Olu Gbolagoke

Result: A Chartered Accountant turned Infopreneur! He conveniently converted his 4 years knowledge and experience from school into passive income flows


What Some Past Students are Saying...

Before I me you, my previous encounters with
the Information Business left me with many unanswered

I could not design a website and I never believed that
you could make money on the internet unless I was an
'oyinbo' but now, working with you in your One-on-One
Training has made making money on the internet to be fun, no strain, no stress and with lots of income ready to
be grabbed.

I can make huge, legitimate money on the internet with little effort.

Thank you for your patience with me ma.

You are a bundle of talent!

You are too much!

Sunday Olusina
0708 928 3103



Ask yourself this...


Do you REALLY want to make a full-time income from YOUR Hobby/Expertise/Passion from the comforts of home?


If you answered YES, congratulations!

If you've the desire to generate real income of hundreds of thousands of Naira every month, then this will be VERY profitable for you...

Because the truth is, all you need to make a lot of money is...

Just Three Simple Systems...

The first step is to “leverageable hobby/expertise or passion”. You may not know it, but I guarantee you possess some sort of “hobby, passion or expertise” you could immediately manipulate for profit.

Some people aren't even aware of this until I put them through my system. So first you'll go through a process that brings out your hobbies and passions which you easily turn to gold by converting it...

...into a non-stop money-generating ATM Information Product Business.


The second step is “exploitable resources”. These are things you have access to and probably don't realize can be exploited to suck money out of certain hobbies/passions/expertise.

Here you'll get a process to uncover all your exploitable resources – even if you don't currently know what they are.

What happens next: You combine certain areas of expertise with certain resources. When you're done you'll have all the tools you need to immediately turn any number of niches into cash.

That's when things get fun because you can now plug-in to step three in my system...


This is the most important step. If you miss it here you might as well forget ever making money from your hobbies for life! BUT it's so simple such that anybody can easily duplicate it. 

Believe me, I have duplicated it in six different passions now and they have never failed me and many others such as:


What Some Past Students are Saying...


I have bought more than N20,000 worth of e-book before
I came about your manual on How To Design In Your Own Super-High Moneymaking On-Line Forum/ Membership Site That Guarantees You N1,500 From 100 People Every Month'.

The course is informative and educative. It opened my eyes and gave birth to my two forums:

If not for your books, I will still be a struggling
Other information marketers should
learn how to add value to their works like you.

The 'SMS Marketing Business' is another eye opener.

In one word, you are a good mentor and your
charges are moderate.

Your response to inquiries, query and questions
are prompt.

I am proud of you ma.

You are great, you will never come down, continue to soar higher.

Bankole Olapeju

0706 538 3637




What Some Past Students are Saying...



Before I met Maureen I had problem designing Professional Database Driven websites but after getting her 28-Part Web DVD Video Tutorial I can not only design database driven websites and integrate several forms of automation ..

...I have got more insight into the Money making
aspect of the Web design Business.

What I loved BEST about her products Money-making products is that she offers a step by step approach to her tutorials which is the best as a matter of fact form of learning.

Another which I like about Maureen's service is the
timeliness in which I got my Joomla videos delivered
to me through Courier service.

It arrived on time.

I also loved her Automate Your Business manual for Corporates and Businesses manual.

It's really helpful to me, I appreciate it a lot.

I've already started my own Money-Making online business with confidence.

With lots of thanks to you.

Dan Adejo
dan.cleanwealth @

0706 111 0293


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With this, you can still be lazy and make more money than everyone else!

The secret is in the SYSTEM and in working smart...

This is a genuine and simple STEP-BY-STEP system that puts you in the league of unlimited multiple streams of income (which 95% of other Nigerians don't know about).

In fact by the time you see it, you will be wondering why you have never thought about it before yourself.

Ready to get started? Everything is inside the...


The Easiest Way To Generate Real Income From Your Hobby/Passion/Expertise!




Join Me in the HOBBY INCOME FORMULA and Let Me Take You Behind The Curtain And Show You Exactly How It’s Done…


This system is SO straight forward and it works like CRAZY!


I'll be sharing the basics about how to turn your hobbies into multiple streams of predictable cash flow. I will reveal my own 7-Step strategies with you but before I show you what you're getting let me quickly put your mind to rest by answering this for you...





It's the FACTOR that's behind all other factors. The king pin. The core. The basis of all other basics. And while calling it "the key to everything" might be overstating it, I CAN tell you that it's the 5% that controls the 20% that makes the 80% happen.

And, as such,
it is an essential link for anyone who wants to start and build a Successful Business of converting passions to income... expanding the business or starting from the scratch - - whether that would be online or offline.



What the "HOBBY INCOME FORMULA" Will Do For You?
What real ADVANTAGE Will It Give You That
You Don't Have Right Now?


I know you are already excited about the possibilities of the Hobby Income Formula...but just in case you are wondering exactly what it will do FOR YOU? Allow me to answer that now. Once you are in possession of the Hobby Income Formula you will discover:


Module #1: Convert Hobby, Passion or Expertise to Product

(Step-By-Step System for Churning "Money-Cranking" Markets From Anything You Know)


You can do all the things that you're good at, you can do what

you're passionate about and you can use your

gifts - but add this ONE ingredient and the money WILL follow FOREVER



The only 1 "criteria" you need to consider that differentiates any hobby, passion or expertise you have for earning maximum profits with minimal effort

(Page 1)


The Ultimate 8 Reasons Why You Should Convert your Hobbies, Passions or Expertise into the 7 Figure Income "Information Products Business Empire". (Page 3)


My unique 7 S.T.E.P system for converting ANYTHING you know into a 6 - 7 figure Information Products Empire for life. I share the exact template, everything I know and use personally in my Information Business. (Page 7)


This is the complete crash course that walks you through the steps from a hobbyist to a hobbypreneur and Infopreneur. Hint: I shared EVERYTHING

(Page 10)


How to come up with "money-cranking ideas" for mega profits even if you have NO hobby, passion or expertise - all the work has been done for you


The ONE essential thing you MUST do or you'll never make any REAL money from Hobbies, Passions or Expertise (Page 15)


10 highly-profitable "markets" that are proven to generate revenue in the information business - pick one of these that matches up to your own interests and save yourself time researching - I've done it for you!


18 “evergreen” sub-markets or sub-niches within those 10 highly-profitable markets that will always be profitable (Page 17)


The 4 simple rules every potential hobby/expertise niche must fulfill before you enter it (if any of these three rules are violated I cross that niche off my list right away).


This will help you to choose a red-hot "market" full of eager-beaver, hungry buyers to buy not one or two, but dozens of your small information products


How to locate the most desperate people in your hobby or expertise niche (Desperate people are easiest to sell to because they suspend all logic and reason in a search for a solution) (Page 20)


Click Here for my "2 SHAMELESS BRIBE" COUPONS!



Module #2: Create A Product
(Step-By-Step System for Creating An Information Product)


Start with a 7-15 page report and snowball
it into an entire information empire!


My Amazing "6-Step by Step Formula" that writes out "6-figure Income information products" for you in just minutes! (Page 21)


My proprietary best 3 proven-profitable ways  to convert your hobby, passion or expertise into cold hard cash EVERY time. These are the very foundations of the Information Product empire


Miss this and you can never make money from your H. P. E (Page 23)


The absolute fastest ways to find and create content for your info products (hardly anyone know these tactics even exist)... You will discover how to use Google and Amazon to create unlimited content for your products fast. (Page 26)


The 20 most profitable ways to package your information products for maximum riches!


My Top 6 Information product formats to package your information products for QUICK profits now (Page 27)


How to create and package your money-making ebooks for FREE even If you Hate writing


Physical Product Profit - Discover how to completely transform your business simply by turning your digital products into physical products -- and find out how EASY this really is (Page 29)



Module #3: Build A List
(Step-By-Step System for Getting People Who Will Buy Your Products Desperately)


The best way to sell your reports is to build a list of eager
subscribers and "presell" them on your offer.


A step-by-step simple 12 part simple course in copywriting. This will teach you how to write order-producing mini-salesletter ... from top to bottom!


This foolproof and incredibly powerful '12-Step Sales Letter Template System' practically 'forces' your  killer sales letters to write themselves!


Note: The very salesletter you are now reading was written based on the tutorial in this course. Enough said! (Page 30)


The 2 most powerful Step-By-Step Systems for Driving desperate Buyers to your website! Without people visiting your website, you'll have no subscribers nor sales! (Page 35)


My "never-revealed" secret for writing follow-up messages in as little as

30 minutes that causes a rush of buyers like the Haiti flood to purchase my products (Page 37)


Module #4: How To SETUP A WebSite To Sell Your Info-Product

(Step-By-Step System for setting up a Successful Internet Business)


This encapsulates my entire internet business model and success story in one neatly packaged module AKA Internet Business Basics


An easy-to-follow (I.E. "newbie friendly!"), 14-step system for designing and creating your own "opt-in email" (AKA "squeeze email") and mini-websites for convincing as high as 75% of your visitors to join your list! (Page 40)


The 4 rules for choosing an easy to remember domain name, establish web site hosting, think about the order process, upload your files and prepare for your first order - you'll learn every step in non-technical terms anyone can understand! (Page 45)


Onome Maureen's "vendor approved" resources for registering domains (as low as N2,000 per year), hosting your site (as low as N3,500 per year with one FREE domain) and order-processing (almost zero startup costs). (Page 46)


8 easy steps to verify your order-process to make sure your customer can visit your site, place an order and download your small report without you

leaving your home!


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Get Your Hands On A Complete, But Easy-To-Understand
Set Of Step-By-Step Instructions For Earning Income Online

Everything is laid out in newbie-friendly steps to take you from absolutely nothing to a business that is actually making money online. Just a few of the things you'll learn include...

  • How to create your own information products from your hobbies, passions or expertise to sell online! We'll cover everything from choosing a topic to getting ready-made content to setting up a website to fulfilling orders ... and everything in between!

  • How to build a list of qualified, responsible subscribers to buy from you! Things you'll learn include setting up a form to build your list, convincing people to join, getting people to your list email, turning subscribers into paying customers and more!

  • How to get targeted visitors to your website around the clock! You'll learn free (lots of these!) and low-cost ways to get "traffic" to your website ... and then how to get those visitors to buy your information products!

  • How to create multiple streams of income! The initial information product you create is just the beginning as you'll also learn how to create "sister products", tap into residual income, produce "high-ticket" sales and much more!


There are few moments throughout your life, when you are presented with life changing opportunities.


What separates the successful from failures is the ability to recognize those opportunities and to take advantage of them before they pass you by.


Once that moment is gone, you can never get that opportunity back, the

HOBBY INCOME FORMULA is one of such opportunities.


Here are...

4 Reasons Why You Should
Test Drive

"Hobby Income Formula" FACT #1: It takes you by the hand and walks you through my formula step-by-step in converting what you love doing into "substantial income".


In addition, you'll find helpful pictures, tips and examples with each step, so you're never stuck wondering what step to take next.


"Hobby Income Formula" FACT #2: The Hobby Income Formula works for almost every type of good hobby I know of. I can't think of ANY it won't work for. Whatever it is, as long as it's good for man and good for God IT APPLIES.


"Hobby Income Formula" FACT #3:  It's evergreen -- 2 Face made his wealth with it - the African Queen singer. So did Praise George, author of several relationship books. So do ALL wealthy entrepreneurs - You work once and get paid for it over and over and over. It's the secret of creating passive incomes.


"Hobby Income Formula" FACT #4: It's does NOT require rocket science. Even a 17 year old student is already profiting from his hobby. All you need is to figure out your hobbies or expertise and then follow the Hobby Income Formula. It's something YOU can do. See, the single most important thing in ANY business is a model or strategy to follow.


"Hobby IncomeFormula" FACT #5: It has the advantage of working on automatic. Meaning that once you decide on your hobby, you can automate the Hobby Income  Formula which then gives you free time to do other things. Infact you can run the Hobby Income Formula as a part-time business.


"Hobby Income Formula" FACT #6: It's NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a business and only when you treat it as such that you make Tons of cash! This Formula with the quick potentials of growing into an Empire can be started with Less than N20,000 to make N50,000 - N350,000 per month!


"Hobby Income Formula" FACT #7: You can work anywhere. Live anywhere. No need for academic credentials. No employees to parent, no overhead. Change that. There’s also no product to make, inventory or deliver.



"Hobby Income Formula" FACT #8: Yes, I guarantee you'll make "substantial income" using the Hobby Income Formula IF I can guarantee that you'll follow instructions. it's that simple!


Nothing could be easier...





Onome Maureen's Take it to the Bank



And so because the HOBBY INCOME FORMULA is going to give you peace of mind from knowing you'll never have to worry about paying your bills again (and having enough in reserve to know you'll be okay...


... during tough times) I'm going to give make you... an Unbelievable Offer of giving you UP TO N2,000 DISCOUNT OFF- the actual investment LAUNCH Price for this system - The major difference here is the fact that...


...I'm doing this NOW - till Monday, February 13th and NOT after that! This is just Bribe #1 of my TWO SHAMELESS BRIBES!


Bribe #2 is just the ULTIMATE Awesome Bribe and it's for NOW...introducing...



Onome Maureen's Take it to the Bank


The Ultimate Earn while You Learn BRIBE!



THAT'S RIGHT!! You are going to EARN while LEARNING this business...And NO! This has nothing to do with designing FREE websites or Joint Venturing with you! 


I'm going to personally give you crash course training on How to start a VERY Successful Affiliate Marketing Business in Nigeria!


You're going to have the opportunity to put into practice virtually...


...EVERYTHING to work in the Hobby Income Formula...Have you ever heard of Ewen Chia? He is the world's No. 1 Super Affiliate who makes millions of dollars online from the affiliate marketing business! I have been undergoing his training worth N45,000



You are going to get ALL of it. What you are about to discover in this course is what has taken me over 2 years to completely master after making a lot of terrible mistakes along the way. No, it has nothing to do with paypal or clickbank but I can ASSURE you that YOU would EARN while you Learn.



You are going to get Continuing Support from me on the Hobby Income Formula. My good friend and fellow internet marketing colleague Toyin Omotosho sells the SAME system but you get it at ZERO Cost IF:

  • You are ready to earn while you learn

  • You would make ready a start up of only N20,000

  • You are among the first 20 people to Reserve and       Pre-ORDER at the N2,000 Discount OFF the Pre-launch of the Hobby Income Formula System...

....on or before Monday, February 13th...






How To I Made N140k in 17 Days in 2010

Via SMS Marketing


Special Report: Discover How I Made Emergency N140,000 in 17 Days From the Information Marketing Business!


Very FEW Info-Preneuring Nigerians know this!

Get prepared for it.






The N14,000+ Cheap Brand NEW Laptops Report


Special Report: Discover the Simple Cheap Brand New Laptop Secret of Getting The SAME Laptops Selling from N50,000 - N180,000 at Lagos For As Low as N14,000+ WITHOUT Any Referrals or Network MarketingI


Very FEW Nigerians know this!






87 Marketing Secrets of the Written Word



Your problem is not creating the product.

The problem is always marketing the product.


Special Report: Discover NOT just One or Ten but 87 Marketing to Sell Any Info-Product for Maximum Profits






How to Create A Successful Offer

To make money with any product or service, you need to create compelling offers.


Special Report: Discover how to do this step-by-step in this report!






How To Write Emails that SELL


Special Report: Discover 5 important rules you MUST follow when writing promotional emails. Violate these rules and your email promotion will almost certainly flop, but if you KNOW and FOLLOW these simple rules, you will be ringing up sales faster than you ever dreamed possible.


In this special report you will know EXACTLY how to write an email that will SELL. And you can start right away!







Well, I have got to tell you that I have thought hard about this as well.


And even though, I would have loved to charge N25,000 for this because it's worth it but I know you may not be able to get it at that price...and that is why I had to cut it down to a very ridiculous low PRE-Launch price.


You see at the moment this product is still undergoing it's last finishing touches to it in order to give the BEST quality information available and would be RELEASED in a weeks time precisely on Monday, February 13th but I want to give...


.... you a special Pre-Launch price of N5,500 on or before Monday, February 13th ONLY

This means that you must Pre-Order for it before Feb 13th, AFTER that Price INCREASED back to it's original price of N7,500. This is a WHOLE N2,000 Discount OFF and for the First 20 People to RESERVE and Pre-order it get my 3 ULTIMATE Shameless BRIBES.



Get Reservation details below!


So if you would like a copy of this package, you need to act quickly.


First 20 Buyers BEFORE Wed, Feb 13th

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AFTER Wed, Feb 13th (Price INCEASES

back to ORIGINAL Price)

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In Fact, I Absolutely, Positively Will Not Keep A Dime of Your Money...Unless You Insist

I'll say it again - I do not need your money. I'll still be making money from my other online based business, still fly by air whenever I'm on a trip just within Nigeria (I hate Nigerian roads for long distances)...I'll do just fine whether you invest in my systems or not.

I have absolutely no desire to get money from you unless I earn it, deserve it, you make a lot more and you are glad to pay me. Infact, I want you to be telling everybody you can about how many different ways you've benefited from knowing me.

So here's a deal I'll make with you...



Guarantee #1

Better-Than-Risk-Free, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Take a whole 60 days to look over my System. Put it to work for you. Read the manuals. Benefit from it. Make money from it. If you keep and use my system for a whole 60 days and fail to grab at least one HOT STRATEGY you can't wait to use, that definitely and indisputable and quickly puts money in your pocket...

...then I'm George Of The Jungle's Aunty, just send me an email and I'll give you a full refund. I'll go into exile somewhere, live off bananas and tree bark, never to be seen or heard from again.

Plus you get to keep my all my BONUSES you've received as a gift for trusting me and trying my Systems. Only show me proof that you implemented my strategies and it didn't make you money!



Guarantee #2

Continuing Support: I Won't Hit and Run on You

One problem of so many Nigerian mentors is that after getting their fee from you, they are rarely available when you need them most to put you through a simple thing. This WON'T happen to you!

I guarantee support. You aren't alone anymore. If you have ANY questions about how to use a marketing strategy or a new idea gotten from my System, you can call me or my team and get help. My number is 0803 930 7316.

We are open from 2pm - 4pm Monday through Friday. You can also reach us 24 hours a day by sending us an email or SMS. You can send in your questions, concerns, ideas, and successes 24 hours a day.



3 Steps To Qualify for my  TWO Outrageous Bribes TODAY and How To Order


Step 1: To confirm that you want to be among the first 20 people who qualify for my TWO Outrageous Bribes who will invest the HOBBY INCOME FORMULA before release date Monday, February 13th RESERVE Your Bribes & Space by...



...sending an SMS with Your Name+GSM +RESERVE-HIF-Bribe +Email +Date you would invest N5,500 ON or BEFORE Feb 13th+ Location to me on 0803 930 7316 and you'll get a reply from us to CONFIRM you or NOT.



Step 2: Invest your N5,500 into any of the following bank accounts below and claim your BONUSES worth N40,000 into any of our following bank:


Bank: First Bank

Account Name: Trillionet Resources

Account Number: 201 6750 487




Bank: GTBank
Account Name:
Trillionet Resources

Account Number: 001 141 4820


Step 3: After payments, do just 1 simple thing:


#1. Send your payment details to me at payments @ with the SUBJECT of your email saying: Paid for Hobby Income Formula System.


And the BODY of the email should contain the following: Depositor's Name + Your Name + Email + GSM +Bank You Paid To + Code-PAID-HIF + Teller Number to     0803 930 7316.


(Don't worry, once you pay and send this notification, you will get your BONUSES, BRIBES in 24 hours after confirmation of payments IMMEDIATELY and your




As you can sense, my OUTRAGEOUS Bribes are an out-of-the-world deal. Advisors told me I should charge my normal fee of N25,000 for all of it. I’m going to charge the original INCREASED price of N7,500 but decided to give you an opportunity to get it at an affordable investment which everybody can afford for the next few weeks till Monday February 13th.


I want to be fair about this. I’ve been where you are and I want to help you move up a level or two in your life. So I’ll leave the price at N5,500 – TILL Monday, February 13th.



Which is easier to do?


Investing N5,500 in your financial success or squandering a night

out at a Musical show or to fix your hair?


I urge you to act on this opportunity today, right now, while it is fresh in your mind.



Yours sincerely
Onome Maureen

PS. I have decided to make The HOBBY INCOME FORMULA An  Unprecedented, Totally Irresistible  And Unbelievably Offer by giving you my TWO Very "Generous OUTRAGEOUS Bribes" but Only If You Act Very Very Quickly and are among the first 20 people to Pre-Order for my System at N5,500 on or BEFORE Monday, February 13th AFTER which price DOUBLES back to it's original price of N7,500. Click here for full details of my Bribes!


PPS. My final comment - If you are fed up, frustrated of unemployment or you are

tired of working your butt off for an ungrateful boss and you want to reap the rewards for your own efforts instead of making someone else rich or you are feeling  rejected, down and out and feel that its time to change your life and...



...want something to look forward to every day instead of the same old monotonous workplace routine, THEN please take me up on my money back offer, then you can be the best judge of this package whether it can simply make money for you and quickly! Go ahead - you have nothing to lose if you do. The risk is all mine.



Maybe you are parent who's enthusiastic about adding extra income to the family budget but can't leave their home due to childcare commitments or you are retired but still has that get up and go feeling and wants to turn your spare time into instant profits or you are someone who has responsibilities and is worried about job security and simply wish to have an extra safety back up plan for your  family an own peace of mind.


PPPS. Remember, if you want to be among the first 20 people who qualify for my TWO Outrageous Bribes who will invest the HOBBY INCOME FORMULA before release date Monday, February 13th RESERVE Your Space by...


...sending an SMS with Your Name+GSM +RESERVE-HIF-Bribe +Email +Date you would invest N5,500 ON or BEFORE Feb 13th + Location to me on 0803 930 7316 and you'll get a reply from us to CONFIRM you or NOT.


And then RUSH to the bank and invest in the HOBBY INCOME FORMULA




Got Questions? Comments?


Send me an email at onomemaureen2009 (at) or give me a call on

08039307316 (2pm-4pm weekdays ONLY or sned an SMS to me -24hours)




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