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REAL-LIFE PROOF #1: Brand New Laptop for Only N13,939 Flat



On a secret website I'll show you, this laptop sells for only N13,939.

$88.78 X N157 = N13,939 Yes, this is shipped FREE directly to your house address

using international Worldwide Courier service (DHL) in 3 days!




REAL-LIFE PROOF #2: I Paid Just N20,233 For The Beautiful Red Laptop Above. . .


I paid just N20,233 on that secret website for a brand new 7" netbook Laptop

complete with WiFI, LAN, Windows, USB, Built-in-Speakers,1 year warranty etc.

This laptop sells for N52,000 at Computer Village Ikeja, Lagos. I SAVED a whole N31,767




REAL-LIFE PROOF #3: Payment CONFIRMATION email for my Red Laptop



I paid for this laptop right from home using a simple tool you already have!

This payment email PROOF says my laptop payment has been confirmed and accepted

I'll show you how to order yours too using what you already have.




REAL-LIFE PROOF #4: Brand New 250GB Hard disk Laptop for Only N27,994





This 250GB Laptop above is usually sold in Nigeria for an average price of N80,000. But on that secret website that I will reveal to you in a couple of minutes, you will get this same laptop for a dirt cheap price of N27,994 - ($178.30 X N157 - per dollar)


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Re: To anyone who's been trying to get a Laptop but has NOT done so yet because it's "darn" so expensive!


From: Onome Maureen







Dear about-to-Acquire-a-Laptop Friend, 


Let's get something straight.

I need to hit you with a big, butt-ugly truth, and it might offend you a little.

It is upsetting...

... but that's okay.

Once you understand this one simple fact, it will all change.


I'll open everything up for you about how to get your brand new laptop in as little as 7 days from today at a dirt cheap price of N14,000+ and...even show you how to make some money with what you are reading on this page.


If you've ever wondered why you can't just get a very good laptop these days because they are "darn" so expensive...coupled with the overwhelming conclusion that...


"having a laptop is now a NECESSITY" and no longer a luxury! See the way things are going now with our economy...


... well, to be blunt, it's because:


You're Being Lied To...

Yes! Vicious lies that are wasting your time... and worse, they're costing you money.

The last time you got to price a laptop, how much was it?

I bet you heard N160,000...N120,000...N80,000, right? Pure Lies!!!...because there is a "secret" website which sells brand new laptops at very cheap prices and I'll reveal the website to you here!

When I first heard about this website, I had my doubts. I went to the website, yes truly saw those cheap laptops...and then took two full weeks to research the website. I called some of the merchants of those websites...YES, right in their countries.

I spent good 5 hours everyday of these 14 days browsing the websites just to make SURE that the are genuine & NOT fake...I even discovered the laptops that come with FREE shipping...and those that do NOT...but you won't know until I tell you how!


I also discovered a secret way of knowing a bad merchant...I even got to a point I had to call my bank for good 1 hour asking questions about the Secret website and what they told me satisfied me...I also had the opportunity of chatting real time with some of the sellers of such laptops...all to confirm...

This space will not be enough for me to tell you all that I discovered...Can you now see why I said, you are being lied to?...


YES! I Want My Brand New Laptop Now


Here're Proofs of Such Lies

Proof #1 of Lies

Just a few weeks ago while preparing to travel, I had to rush to computer village, Ikeja Lagos (Nigeria's #1 market for laptops and computers) to buy a new antivirus software because the one I have just expired.

I got there pretty late, around 6pm so most of the shops were already closing. Guess what I saw?

I saw so many big, posh cars driving out of the market. Yes, you guessed right this time. Most of the guys driving such cars are sellers of laptops!

How did I know? I had the opportunity of speaking to one of them.

He said he makes lots of money...selling expensive laptops which he gets at very cheap prices!



Proof #2 of Lies

Here's how a phone conversation I had with one of my facebook friends about how he too bought a brand new laptop at N16,300.

For privacy reasons, I'd call my friend Mr. X phone ringing

Me: Hello, how far?

Mr. X: Fine O!...I saw your facebook update today. I just received my laptop last week.

Me: Wow! You "dey" enjoy O. What do you mean by you just received your laptop just last week?

Mr. X: (laughs) I ordered for my laptop at "XYZ Secret Website" 2 weeks ago. I just want to confirm if its the same website you are talking about on facebook about buying cheap brand new laptops. Is it the same "XYZ Secret Website" I bought my own?

Me: Hold on first. How much did you buy your laptop and what is the configuration? Did you use FREE shipping?

Mr. X: I bought it for just N16,300. It's a 7" laptop, wifi, camera, Future brand, 256MB RAM, 40GB HD Windows laptop! Yes, FREE shipping by DHL.

Me: Wowwww! It's the same website O!...Wow. Does it have DVD/CD drive?

Mr. X: No, it does not have. But I also ordered for an external DVD drive at a very cheap price.

Me: How did you pay?

Mr. X: I used my normal ATM card. But I know of one guy who can help you order for laptops from the website if you don't have that card. His name is XYZ

Me: Thanks man. You are just the best. I'm actually researching this website. Thank you for the info. But why did you buy from "XYZ Secret Website"?

Mr. X: My sister, I saw that same laptop at Ikeja for N52,000 but I didn't have the cash then, so when someone told me about XYZ website I said let me just try it, after all its just N16,300. "Kai", my credit. Bye...


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Proof #3 of Lies

Yes, this Brand New Laptop at N14,000+ is not a matter of "them say, them say" YES. I have paid for my laptop and my laptop has been shipped to me. See proof of this shipment below:



Can you see why I said they have been lying to you?...

Yes, YOU too can get a brand NEW laptop shipped for FREE by DHL Same Week You Ordered for it at a...

Cheap N14,000 - N52,000...which are sold in Lagos from N52,000 - N180,000!

NOT Flip Africa or any NGO

NO Network Marketing or MLM or referrals involved

YES, they are brand NEW laptops

YES, you can get laptops as low as N14,000

YES, your laptop is shipped to Your address in ANY State in  Nigeria by DHL, UPS, EMS etc

YES, you can pay using your ATM card

YES, I have ordered for a laptop from the Secret website myself


With Your Own Affordable Laptop...

  • You would be FREE from going to a crowded cyber cafe just to browse...because you can now browse from home with just N1,000 monthly
  • You would be FREE from using a Business centre to do your simple MS word jobs or whatever you have always wanted to do on your laptop
  • You can now replace the old laptop you have been managing aka your "push and start" laptop with a dead battery
  • You can even buy laptops as gifts for your loved ones which will make them love you even more like crazy
  • You stop begging to use your neighbors laptop
  • You can now go anywhere with your portable 7" laptop and work
  • You can use the extra N50,000 you have been saving to buy a laptop for something else
  • You would now be able to save costs of browsing at N150 per hour. When you can use N1,000 to browse 24 hours a month
  • You can finally start and run your internet business with confidence and peace of mind
  • You can now put to practice all you have ever wanted to do with your own laptop like reading your ebooks, downloading software, creating your ebook, learning how to design websites, graphics etc
  • More importantly, you would be able to start your own Laptop Importation Business like those Ikeja Guys. Believe me. It's so easy...

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Wow! Onome, I'm so eager to get my

Laptop, how do I Order for One now?

This is so simple. Remember, I told you I not only researched this information...but I also purchased two items from that XYZ Secret website: 1 PC laptop and an Android

The laptop sells at computer village Ikeja, Lagos for N52,000 but I paid N20,239.




While the Andriod sells for N75,000 at Starcomms website but I paid only N20,410 for something similar.



I compiled all my findings about how to buy the "cash and carry" brand new laptop for cheap N14,000+....including how I paid for my two devices, the name of the XYZ Secret website in a detailed step by step manual complete with pictures showing "click here", ask what I call...


Ready to get started? Everything is inside the...


How To Easily Get The SAME Brand New Laptops Selling From N52,000-N180,000 in Lagos Shipped Directly To Your

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Yes, in just 7 easy steps you would have your laptop in 7 days from the day you ordered for it! By the way, when I say easy, I mean Super-Easy. I think Even a Trained Chimp Can Own A Brand New Laptop following these 7 Steps!



For starters, here's exactly all I'll reveal to you in THE AMAZING N14,000+ LAPTOP BREAKTHROUGH  manual:


  • The full name and address of the XYZ Secret Website
  • The 7 Steps you need to take to order and get a brand new laptop
  • The secret way of registering on the website for FREE Without Paying for membership
  • The first thing you need to do when looking for Cheap Brand New Laptops
  • What to do when you see 2-5 different laptops or devices you like
  • The only way to guarantee that your Laptop will be shipped for FREE to your address in Nigeria
  • 5 ways to know if You are dealing with a Genuine Merchant - Miss any of this and your hard-earned cash is subject to a loss
  • How to search for the Best Configurations and Brands of Laptops with the Cheapest price
  • 5 questions you need to ask a Merchant before choosing his laptop
  • How to order for extra attachments like DVD/CD drive, keyboard, screen, battery, memory card etc at huge discounts
  • How to brand your laptop with your own name or company name if you like
  • How to get huge discounts on shipping and cost of the laptop
  • The only 6 ways most Merchants receive payments for laptops or devices
  • The only two ways a Nigerian can pay to order for a laptop
  • Step-by-step guide pay for your laptop using your normal special ATM card
  • How to pay for your laptop using legal Pay For Me services in Nigeria
  • How to receive your laptop here in Nigeria before paying in full. So that if you don't like it, no show for the merchant
  • The secret way of choosing the cheapest Courier Service. Miss this and you could pay $78 for shipping when you could pay just $20
  • How we can help you order for your laptops if you don't want to do it yourself
  • And much more

My goal here is to have you send me an email or an SMS in the next 2 weeks saying:


Onome, I did it. I'm a proud owner of

a Brand New Laptop!!!

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Here are Answers to Questions

you may be asking right now


Q. Are these laptops new or used?

A. Yes, they are brand new laptops ranging from Hp, OEM, Dell etc.


Q. Do they have optical CD/DVD drive?

A. They do not because they are mini-laptops of 7 inches – 10 inches but you can order for a external drive at a dirt cheap price


Q. How much for these laptops?

A. They range from N14,000 – N52,000. Please note that the ones selling for N52,000 are sometimes full laptops of 320GB,2GB RAM selling at computer village from N120,000-N180,000


Q. What are the configurations of these laptops?

A. There are various types and brands of laptops. But many of them range from 2GB-320GB hard disk, 128MB- 2GB RAM with Wifi, Bluetooth, Webcam, 3G, Tablet PC, 7″-10″ and even 14″. 1 year warranty etc


Q. Can I choose any color of laptop I want?

A. Yes, you can. I first saw a yellow laptop on that site for the first time. They have black, red, yellow, white, silver, green, pink etc. Each merchant lists the color they have of a particular brand so you can choose the one you want.


Q. Can I add other accessories to my order like extra memory card, keyboard, and leather case?

A. Yes, you can. As a matter of fact I added an 8GB and 32GBmemory card for my order. Guess how much? Just $10 and $30. You can try that here in Nigeria. $10 is N1,580


Q. Do they ship to ANY location in Nigeria and for free?

A. Yes, they ship to any address in Nigeria. As long as you put in your full address. Yes, some merchants ship these laptops for free. I’ve already found a few that do that.


Q. In how many days will it come?

A. You can get your laptop from 5-14+days. Each merchant will tell you ho many days it would take. The two devices (laptop and android) are shipped in just 5 days by DHL


Q. Can you order a laptop for me?

A. At first we said No, but now...Yes, we can order for you but you must get The Amazing N14,000+ Breakthrough manual first so that you can select the type of Laptop you want us to order for you.


Q. Can I see some other pictures of such laptops?

A. Yes, please click here.


Q. Can I ask you other questions concerning getting these laptop?

A. Yes, you can. Post your questions on my facebook page at

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The main purpose of this website is to Help YOU to help you get a Brand New Laptop at a very affordable price!

I promise...I'm not going to defeat that purpose.

You see, I did what so many people will not even dare do! When I first heard about getting a laptop for N14,000+ I was thrilled an Online Marketing Business Coach it's my desire to help as many Nigerians as possible acquire the tools they need to succeed..

...without breaking a bank or borrowing to do so. I went to the website, spent long hours everyday for full 14 days browsing and researching the website...I posted updates of my discoveries on my facebook page - You can click here for proofs to confirm that.

That's not all, I even went as far as putting my N20,000+ on the line to order a laptop from the website I'll reveal to you - just to actually test and prove that getting a brand new laptop for N14,000+ actually works...called my bank, spoke with people - did so much!

Think about it - What if I lost my N20,000+? This website will never be here to tell you about it BUT...

Inspite of the huge costs of me researching and packaging this information for you, I'm not going to charge you what it's actually worth...Your investment to get your copy of The Amazing N14,000+ Breakthrough manual is...


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WARNING: This is NOT a marketing strategy. The minute it gets to 12 midnight, Friday April 8th, This Offer CLOSES. We would stop selling this manual.

This means that you must Order for it at N3,500 on or before Friday, April 5th, AFTER it's Bye, Bye to this report Forever and You MISS my BONUSES.

100% Money Back Guarantee

In addition to you get, I'm giving you a full 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee just to remove all the risks from you!

Take full 30 days to try out this information! Use it to get your laptop - and if for any reason you discover that what we have revealed to you in this manual is NOT real or satisfactory just ask for a refund and...

I'll hand you back 100% of the money you paid me...and you get to keep the manual for yourself.

And as a way of saying sorry for wasting your time, you will be allowed to keep the main Information Product.

That's how strongly I believe The Amazing N14,000+ Laptop manual can help you get the Laptop of your dreams at "dirt" cheap price.



Payment Details


Step 1: To indicate your interest in getting this manual at the Pre-Launch Discount of N3,500 before Friday, April 8th.


..send an SMS with Your Name+GSM +RESERVE-Laptop +Email +Date you would invest N3,500 ON or BEFORE Friday April 5th to me on 0803 930 7316



Step 2: Invest your N3,500 into any of the following bank accounts below and claim your BONUSES worth N350,000 into any of our following bank:


Bank: First Bank

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Trillionet Resources

Account Number: 221 858 144 110



tep 3: After payments, do just one simple thing:


#1. Send an EMAIL payment notice with the SUBJECT of your email saying:

Paid for Amazing LL2-Laptop Manual


The BODY of the Email should contain the following: Amount Paid+ Depositor's Name + Your Full Names + Email + GSM +Bank Name You Paid To + Code-PAID-LL2 + Date you paid+ Your Birthday for surprise gift + Teller Number to me at


(Don't worry, once you pay and send this EMAIL notification, you will get an email to in 24-48 hours after confirmation of payments IMMEDIATELY and your

Amazing Laptop Manual will be sent to you.



Now... I want you to picture something for me:

Picture yourself in 14 days time. Let's say you followed the 7 steps in the manual and you got not just one but 10 laptops and you sold all 10 of them at a N20,000 profit each.

N20,000 X 10 laptops = N200,000 profits. Not bad huh?

Think about how your life would be for a moment - all the possibilities of having your own brand new laptop. Where would you be browsing the internet from? What would you be doing with your laptop?

You could literally do almost anything you've always wanted to do with your laptop.


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Yours sincerely
Onome Maureen

PS. You would be able to start your Laptop Importation Business Strategy report worth N45,000 to The Amazing Laptop Manual Only If You Act Very Very Quickly and to Order for the manual at N3,500 on or BEFORE Friday, April 8th AFTER which This Offer CLOSES.

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PPPS. Remember, you are covered by my 30days Money Back Guarantee if what we reveal in our manual is false.






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